October 1, 2011: KAHI Radio AM 950: Guest of Matt Scribner, host of the Saturday morning “The KAHI Corral” show on KAHI Radio AM 950 in Auburn, California. The program focused on the Tevis and was from 8-9:00am. It is now available as a podcast:

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Tevis, From the Back of My Horse

by Sharma Lynn Gaponoff

Hard-back edition is Sold Out!

    This is an action-packed true story about riding the most difficult 100-mile endurance ride in the world. It is a story about triumph over adversity, about courage, teamwork and knowledge. Join Sharma and her horse Tahoe on their journey through the rugged and scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains of California during their 24 hours of the 55th running of the “Tevis Cup 100-Miles-One-Day Trail Ride”. You will read about the “spills, thrills and bumps along the way” in this compelling, entertaining and instructive chronicle. Mount up and enjoy the ride!

eBook available:


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