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"Sharma Gaponoff enlightens us by giving us her insight to one of the world’s most demanding long distance endurance contests... "

Hal V. Hall, American Endurance Ride Conference Hall of Fame Rider and long time Tevis and international endurance competitor


"Sharma's first person account of her Tevis journey from starting line to finish line shows that doing your homework reaps success. With this book you can ride with her and love the journey."

Julie Suhr, the Grande Dame of Endurance Riding


"...Engaging...this [book] is something that any horse lover, or endurance sport enthusiast would enjoy."

Dar Vendegna, Endurance Cyclist and Triathlon Coach


The Tevis Cup Ride is the most challenging 100-mile equestrian endurance event in the world. With names like Dusty Corners, Last Chance, Devil’s Thumb and Deadwood, the historic Tevis Trail, originally used by Native American Indians and pioneers, passes through historic gold-mining camps and towns along its 100 miles. Beginning at Robie Park in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area of Northern California and riding through the Gold Country that made this state famous, successful competitors cross the finish line in the historic town of Auburn. Those who complete the ride will have ridden a total of nearly 24,000 feet of downhill and close to 18,000 feet of uphill in elevation changes along the 100 miles of this rugged and scenic Sierra Nevada Mountain trail. Ride along with Sharma and her horse Tahoe as they tackle the granddaddy event in the sport of modern endurance riding. Experience the journey along with these two tenacious souls and their “supporting cast of characters.”

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Tevis, From the Back of My Horse

by Sharma Lynn Gaponoff

Hard-back edition is Sold Out!

    This is an action-packed true story about riding the most difficult 100-mile endurance ride in the world. It is a story about triumph over adversity, about courage, teamwork and knowledge. Join Sharma and her horse Tahoe on their journey through the rugged and scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains of California during their 24 hours of the 55th running of the “Tevis Cup 100-Miles-One-Day Trail Ride”. You will read about the “spills, thrills and bumps along the way” in this compelling, entertaining and instructive chronicle. Mount up and enjoy the ride!

eBook available:

Sharma Gaponoff